How to Choose the Best Hosting Plan

After you have gone through all the steps we described for choosing the suitable operating system of your server to choosing a good web hosting company, the next step is to select a hosting packing or hosting plan that your chosen web host offers.

Here are a few questions that you can yourself to help you decide which web hosting plan to sign up for.

How much space do I need?

Usually, if you site is a basic one, having no more than 50 MB to 100 MB, there is no point to buy a package with high disk storage. So a small (or basic) hosting package of 500 MB or 1 GB, depending on company offer, is enough.

Do I need PHP, MySQL, or Perl?

Also take into account that if your site uses PHP, MySQL or Perl, make sure that in your hosting package includes that. PHP and MySQL are very popular and are typically included in most web hosting plans. If you don’t see them listed in the hosting plan specifications, ask your chosen web host before signing up, just to be sure.

How many email addresses do I need?

Number of email addresses is also important. So revise exactly how many email address you can use for that specific service. Also, if you would like to only host your site and keep the email on Google (read about Google Apps), would that be possible using that hosting package? Do they configure this for you, for free or for a charge?

How many add-on domains and/or subdomains do I need?

If you need to host multiple domains and/or subdomains, you should also find out if that package includes this feature.

Do I need a dedicated IP address and SSL certificate?

If you are setting up an eCommerce website or online store, you will also need a dedicated IP address and SSL. So be aware they can offer you a dedicated IP and SSL.

There is no need to say that you must have a Cpanel (administration panel) and FTP account to manage your email addresses, databases and files for your specific domain(s) hosted on that server.

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