How to Choose a Good Web Host

There are multiple ways to check the quality of the services provided by a web hosting company from which you intend to buy web hosting services. Here are a few things that you can do to check if the web host that you are looking at is worth your time.

Check the customer testimonials

One way to check the features listed on the left hand side is to check their testimonials, on their site and better yet on web hosting review websites (such as Cheap WordPress Web Hosting). And you can see there what other clients hosted on their servers have to say about the web hosting services.

Ask for referral from friends

Another good solution is some referral you may have, from friends for example or other people from the internet, that used their services for a longer period, let’s say more than 6 months.

Beware of web hosting companies that promise too much

It’s not very difficult to find a good web host. But you should be aware that most of the biggest hosting companies usually overestimate (or “oversell) their services by offering  “unlimited disk space” or “unlimited bandwidth”. Usually, this is not true in shared hosting case. In dedicated hosting case, it may be true.

In shared hosting, if a web hosts claim to offer 500GB of disk space, for example, and you upload your personal files (not related to your website), they may get deleted the following day. This is usually specified in the web host’s “terms and conditions,” typically buried in some legalese text and in fine print. The terms and conditions of use usually state the server may be used for website purpose and not for other type of documents.

Look at smaller hosting companies as well

Sometimes, smaller web hosting companies can offer better services than the big hosting companies. A simple reason would be that big hosting companies have thousands, hundred of thousands or even millions of clients, very hard to manage with. Moreover, no matter if they have many servers, usually their servers maybe overloaded, and due to this reason, the server may crash easier and often. Or, in better cases, it may result in your website loading time, which can decrease significantly.

Check for freebies or setup help

Also take into account if the web hosting company offers free installation and/or setup for your site.

Check sample sites hosted by the web host

Before taking the final decision, just browse some websites hosted on that specific server and see how fast the web pages load. Use a reverse IP checker, such as Rank Checker, to determine what other sites are being hosted by a particular web host. This will give you an idea of how speedy their servers are.

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