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DreamHost offers high performance, cost-effective business class web hosting particularly to those with an e-commerce and small business, to WordPress bloggers as well as to website designers. Web hosting features are made available to clients to improve performance and enhance scalability as the website grows.

Mobile website platform

DreamHost provides the customer with a mobile friendly website since it has worked hand in hand with DudamMobile which is a do-it-yourself mobile website platform that provides small and even medium sized businesses with an affordable, quick and simple way to create a mobile friendly website in just a few seconds.

DreamHost has been in the web hosting business for 16 years and has continuously satisfied customers with its well thought control panel, reliable customer resolving system, status blog and wikis.

Some benefits of the shared web hosting of DreamHost is allowing customers to easily use a shared account from a web browser through the intuitive control.

Webhosting features

DreamHost also offers endless features such as unlimited website storage, unlimited data transfer bandwidth as well as unlimited email and hosted domains and unlimited MySQL databases. Blogging is made simple through the use of a single click software installer that will instantly install and configure a new WordPress blog in just a few minutes. Its advance functionality allows a client to write his or her own web apps using different languages such as Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, PHP5 and a lot more.

Customer satisfaction

Clients of DreamHost are guaranteed with satisfaction since each account is supported by a 97 day money back guarantee.

A technical support team are always ready anytime of the day to entertain queries through email, live chat and through the phone. The 100 percent uptime guarantee reflects that seriousness of DreamHost to take uptime. Other advance features of DreamHost are its IPv6 address, access to raw log files, WebDAV, enhanced web security, daily access statistics, SSL Secure Server, Jabber TM Chat Server, password directories and Anonymous FTP Server. All of these features for shared web hosting are available for just 8.95$ per month.

DreamHost also offers VPS hosting which can be used in addition to shared web hosting to provide clients with better performance and power. All VPS plans include unlimited bandwidth and storage. A 300 MB RAM plan cost about 15$ per month while the 4000 MB RAM plan cost 200$ per month.

A dedicated server which is considered a high performance business class service can appropriately meet client company needs since client can utilize full CPU and RAM sources of the hardware system. The cheapest dedicated server package is the New Moon 2 that costs 99$ per month and comes with a desktop grade CPU, 2 GB memory and 500 GB disk.

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