WordPress FatCow is a web host company and is designed to provide a different alternative for web hosting.

FatCow was established in 1998 to focus on small business users and provide web hosting services that are easy to use, easy to own while providing the real business value. The company offers a one plan price philosophy which simplifies the creation of a personal or small business website through its FatCow Web hosting plan.

FatCow Plan for $3.15/mo. only

MiniMoo Plan

The MiniMoo plan of WordPress FatCow allows a client to get started on the Web initially only with a domain name and and an email address just spread the word. A full hosting product comes after posting a generic under construction page. A customer can also use Weebly drag and drop website building tool to create his or her own page. MiniMoo is just right for someone who is starting a business or for someone who requires a placeholder for numerous domains.

The two data centers of WordPress Fatcow are located in Boston with both centers possessing thousands of servers as well as multiple Petabytes of storage. The secured network infrastructure provides a pooled server environment which practically allows any server of the network to access web site files when a client requests for one. The available machine will instantly serve the web pages of the client to provide the customer with speedier loading times at less service interruptions that other hosting infrastructures.

WordPress FatCow also provides faster and more reliable services due to the customization of each machine to the service it provides, resulting in more density per body. The network attached storage allows each machine to connect with a customer’s data and each machine is clustered to another identical machine which serves as a back-up when the primary unit fails.
The WordPress FatCow web hosting plan offers a special introductory rate of only $49 a year and includes unlimited domains, unlimited POP Mailboxes, free website builder, scrip barn and domain name, unlimited FTP users and subusers. The Fatcow web hosting plan also includes shopping cars, SSL Secure Server, search engine marketing, 24/7 Customer support and money back guarantee for 30 days. Social networking ad credits would cost a customer $50 . There are no set limits on disk space or bandwidth in shared hosting plans.

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