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iPage WordPress Web Hosting is considered the leader in hosting, with its platform serving more than 1 million customers.

Ipage WordPress Web HostingIt provides numerous options for building a website and gives you enough flexibility to have an online existence which clearly defines your brand or your personality for individual subscribers. The robust all-in-one online hosting solution provided by iPage delivers a client with all the needs to form a business or personal website and to appropriately maintain it for many years.

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iPage makes the creation of a professional appearing website easy with the use of different dynamic templates and themes even with someone who has no experience in programming or HTML.

Your website automatically gets credits for popular search engines such as Yahoo and Google. You can even get up to 175$ in marketing advertising.

Installation wizard

iPage makes use of an installation wizard that provides detailed instructions in integrating many applications into personal site photo galleries and blog software.

Customized email

An email address can be customized to improve your personal image and you can access your email from any place.

24/7 support

A reliable 24/7 customer support is available through online chat, email or through phone. It also boasts of its secured network system that gives any server the ability to access Website files for every request.

Complete web hosting package

iPage WordPress Web Hosting offers a special introductory price of 1.99$ per month which is 76 percent off to get a website quickly and easily.

The offer provides the customer with free domain registration, unlimited disk space, free site building tools, free search engine and marketing credits as well as free online store.

It also includes unlimited bandwidth, free sitelock security suite, unlimited band width and unlimited email addresses.

Reliable support service

iPage makes use of high performance load balanced servers, a web hosting control panel, a 24/7 network monitoring system and a visitor statistic/site traffic reporting scheme. The customer support service boasts of an extension online help center and ticketing system and detailed tutorials for using your account.

The staff of Ipage are subjected to rigorous QA testing while ensuring answering of calls within a minute at an average.

Money-back guarantee

An anytime money back guarantee is offered for customers who are not satisfied. Hosting fees will be refunded in full during the first 30 days.

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