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Should you choose shared web hosting or dedicated web hosting? This article will help you decide if shared hosting is enough for your website.

If you are a website owner, first think of how much traffic you expect from your website. Your estimates should be based on how old and how popular your website is. Historical data can be useful in drawing accurate estimates.

Good for medium and low traffic sites

If your website has medium or low traffic (meaning under 1000 unique visitors a day), then a shared web hosting server should be enough.┬áBut if your site has a huge traffic, meaning above 1000 unique visitors per day, then you should think to buy a dedicated server. It’s more expensive, but if you intend to develop your online business and generate exponential traffic, then a dedicated server would be a better option for you.

Excellent for dynamic and static websites

Now, if we think of the great mold of medium and low traffic websites, online shops, presentation sites, real estate websites, where traffic estimates do not exceed a thousand per day, then a shared web hosting is just perfect. So shared hosting is for both dynamic websites and static websites. Dynamic websites – like eCommerce sites or real estate portals – are database driven websites, using PHP, ASP or other web programming languages. Static websites are usually basic presentation sites that use XHTML/CSS scripts.

Free support and installation script

All these types of websites can easily be hosted on a shared web hosting server, and with a minimum effort from your side. This means that the web hosting company provides you with free support and installation script if needed. You have your own cPanel (administration panel) for your hosting with an easy to use GUI, having the ability to update and add other domains or subdomains on the same server.

Reasonable cost

In addition to good technical support, “minimum effort” means you can host your website or websites at reasonable rates, somewhere below $20/month. This does not happen for dedicated servers, which are more costly, the monthly fee being somewhere above $100/month for the lowest package. So do not take into account to buy a dedicated server if you do not have a huge traffic on your website.

A shared web hosting server is a very good solution for a website with medium traffic.

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