Web Hosting

Web hosting is basically a service that allows you to upload and store your website files and documents on an remote server so that they can be available for viewing on the Internet by the public. Web hosting is also know as site hosting or website hosting.

Web hosting providers generally use a computer that is not unlike the commercial computers you have at home. The inherent difference is that their computers cater to, or serve, the web sites, therefore becoming referred to as “servers.” A collection of servers is more commonly known as a datacenter, something that is more or less reserved for the largest of web hosting companies. The majority of web hosting companies simply rent out their server space from one of these large companies that own and operate a datacenter.

With literally thousands of web hosting companies to choose from, each offering a different service or a different payment plan, it is important to understand all the available options before committing to any one. One important feature that you will find amongs the majority of web hosting companies is a speedy connection to their server, so as to upload and provide maintenance in the most, timely manner possible.

Web Hosting Types

Web hosting can more or less be broken down into four different type:

  • Free Web Hosting: In general, this type of hosting is reserved for smaller web sites that are not on a professional level. You might have to use a subdomain for your site’s url, and most of the pages throughout the site will have advertising banners at the top. If you’re not too bothered about the reliability of the site, and aren’t expecting a great deal of customer support, this is probably the best choice for you.
  • Shared Web Hosting: The most common form of web hosting, you will find that shared web hosting is also one of the most cost effective. The concept is very simple; you pay a monthly premium to attach yourself to a set amount of server space within a given company. You could find yourself as one of a hundred different sites within this given server, and as such, reliability can be affected. For slightly higher premiums, you could find yourself with better reliability. Cheap WordPress Web Hosting focuses on this type of hosting for your WordPress website or blog.
  • Dedicated Web Hosting: This type of service provides a site with a server of its own, dedicated solely to the upkeep of your site. Large ecommerce websites that experience lots of daily traffic are more prone to seek this type of service. It also offers the space and freedom to rent out space within the server to other web sites. This is an extremely reliable service, however its costs can run up to a minimum of $100/month, as much as a hundred times the cost of some shared hosting plans.
  • Colocation Hosting: The only difference between colocated hosting and dedicated hosting is that you own the server instead of renting it. Since you own the server in this instance, the only costs come from a fee paid for maintenance and bandwidth

Web Hosting Countries in the World

The United States is leading the way in terms of web hosting market, ranking number one in the world for domain name purchases with more than 23.5 million registered. The next ranking country, Germany, has approximately 2.1 million registered domain names, an incredible 20 (+) million less than the United States. Not surprisingly, the United States is home to four of the largest five web hosting companies in the world, with a German company claiming the 5th spot.

Hosting service prices can range anywhere from $0 to $10 to $100/month, depending on the space and reliability that is sought after. See our recommended web hosting companies for more information.

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